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What is IFARI?

IFARI is an international platform dedicated to the advance of knowledge of connective tissue, fascia and acupuncture.



Simon Bélair, LAc.

Simon Bélair has dedicated himself to the study of acupuncture and oriental medicine for the past 20 years. Simon is a certified acupuncturist, Qi Gong practicionner and Tuina therapist. He began studying the Nei Jing textbooks with Dr. Edward Neal in 2018. He regularly teaches classes to osteopaths (COQ) and acupuncturists (OAQ). He is the co-owner of the MAPP multidisciplinary and integrative clinic in Montreal, Canada.

Simon acupuncture

Elmar Pestel, MD, LAc.

Elmar Pestel is trained in both Western and Chinese medicine. He started studying Chinese medicine back in 1994 and did part of his training in China. In 2017 he began to study Neijing Acupuncture with Dr. Edward Neal. He also specialized in Manual Medicine/Chiropractic, Hypnosystemic Psychotherapy, Nutritional Medicine, and worked as a teacher for Manual Medicine for several years. He is currently working in his own private practice in Munich, Germany and soon in Barcelona, Spain.

Elmar acupuncture
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